The art of minimalism consist in having less and owning more, minimalists understand that value has nothing to do with weight and size, but the service every item provides is what matters the most

In order to live freely it is needed to simplify our lives and having attachments to material things also implies more obligations and responsibilities.

Therefore the minimalist lifestyle is about liberation of loads and the accumulation of value, it is also about collecting experiences instead of just stuff, life is an adventure and in order to live a great one, we must get to know the most we can on our journey trough life.

We as human beings have basic needs that we cannot spare, but society and the status quo had led us to believe that we need more when in reality we need less, and perhaps we want more is because of our vanity, our wish of luxury is superficial, true happiness comes with freedom and not with sophistication.

That is why minimalism is focused on those basic needs and the practicality of undertaking those essential necessities, which are the most important part of making a living and have a lifestyle that allows us to have plenitud and freedom.

Organization and decluttering is important to have success with your goals and to find purpose in your ambitions of life.

If you were to move tomorrow to a different city or another country what would you take with you? Now you see there are a lot of things that are not important for you to settle down, and that you can always start from zero to begin with a new lifestyle.


Being a freelancer means that you are an independent worker from any company as well as you are a self employee.

It all depends on how many competencies you have to assure your success in your career as a professional working in freelance jobs.

Having a profession or the skillset to do several jobs, will help you to work in a more free way.

It is required to have a leadership aptitude, a strong sense of responsibility, and organization skills.

You will need your own equipment, tools and utilities to get the job done, or whatever task is assigned to you.

As well as a good management of all the resources needed to conclude whatever project entitled to you.

The main advantage of being a freelancer is being your own boss, even though you have to deliver results, you must likely own your time.