Routine habits

Routine is a regular way of doing things, a sequence of daily actions, that we call habits of life, and all these constant activities conform our lifestyles.

Habits are those little actions we do that even when they might seem insignificant, have a pattern of repetition, and a behavioral tendency that take part of our lives.

It all begins with the time we wake up, get up and the first activity we do to start our day, the quality of our routine depend on our how good we use every one of our waking hours, as well as our planning for schedules.

Our destiny is also affected by our habits, if we adopt good habits, as a result we will get good outcomes, if we cultivate bad habits, we will have bad effects, as a consequence.

When we are consistent in our tasks, we are adding time to our job! an essential ingredient for success so we can maintain a gradual process working right and that means there are more probabilities that we will see the final results.

Everyday we do the same things we are used to do in automatic mode, those are our habits and the secret is that our habits will have a repercussion or an impact in our lives, therefore we must be aware of that and cultivate good habits and reap the results.

It takes about a month to acquire a new habit, it does not matter if it is a good one or bad one, something that will bring benefits or the opposite, therefore our decisions play an important role when it comes to chose our habits of lifestyle.

Physical Traning

Regular physical training is one of the most important activities you can practice for the wellbeing of your body and your overall health.

Your body is the vehicle to accomplish your goals and to reach your purpose in life, therefore it needs to be in good shape to be a functional one.

It needs the maintenance to be in the conditions to work accurately, you must learn to love and value your body because it is the only one you will ever have throughout your life.

Also the appearance of your body is important at some level, because some say, the first impression is unforgettable, and love is born at first sight.

Exercise is good when is done the right way, you don’t really need equipment to workout, exercise your muscles or stretch for flexibility.

Walking is a recreative activity that has a lot of benefits, for your bones, your muscles and joints, you must do it in a comfortable way.

Jogging is also good for your fitness and bring benefits such as resistance, endurance and durability.

Running is a physical activity that has to do with speed and is a method humans or animals tend to use for survival.


Visualization is the use of mental images or any type of real imagery as a representation for reaching goals, in future scenarios.

Mentalization is the preparation of a mental process to understand and comprehend the circumstances and adapt to the environment in a given situation.

Our mind as well as our focus, need to be feed with information and lead to objectives to convey knowledge and to attain experiences.

A projection can be also another mental practice that contributes to visualize ourselves in a situation that make us experience feelings and emotions.

When we visualize we create a mental experience with our imagination or by using our senses, this practice help us to get better results at the time of execution in the real world.

Visualization help us to connect with the emotions, and get used to the experience so we can get the practice to do things easier and with more confidence.

Every time we visualize our subconscious mind create a vivid image and as a result a belief that can relate with the real life.

Acknowledging the possibilities, recognizing the opportunities in our lifetime depend a lot of our vision, our intuition needs to be ready to perceive our reality and as well as our logic to imagine our capacity.


The practice of meditation is one that brings a lot of benefits to our mind, soul and body, is about connecting with our inner world, and focus our attention deeply on ourselves, rather than what is external, is about concentration, relaxation, and rest, it is also about avoiding over thinking, worry and stress.

We must meditate to reconnect with our purpose in life, to clear our mind of random thoughts, and to feed our intentional focus, to improve our ability to live fully in the present, recognize the past and create the future.

Our sense of direction comes with knowing where we come from, where we are at, and where we are going. we must have self awareness too, meaning acknowledging our own behavior from another perspective different than our own judgement.

By concentrating on our breathing, and the different parts of our body we can start entering to a relaxation state, which is a healthy way for self maintenance, metaphorically meditating is a form of medicine we can get from ourselves.

In terms of productivity, meditation has a great part of contribution, even thought it has been overrated for most people, that ignores the advantages of this pursuit.

But also it is indispensable for the benefit of our overall health and wellbeing, so let’s do not skip meditation along with our break everyday.

Self discipline

A definition of discipline could be “being able to do what we have to do, when we have do it, and whether we like it or not”.

Self discipline is our ability to understand our obligations knowing that what we want to do right away, is not in reality what we want the most, and what is more convenient for us, even when it comes to something that has to do with our feelings or our comfort zone.

It is about doing sacrifices for what you want, paying the price in advance, and not getting in debt for enjoying today and paying tomorrow.

Our success depends on how disciplined we are and how good we are as action takers, because we must work to get things done with determination.

A decision making ability needs to be based on what is right and not what is easy, making allusion to the quote “do what is easy and life will be hard do what is hard and life will be easy”.

Every cause has an effect, and if for example, let’s say we get lazy instead of getting to work, we will have the results for making those choices.

The pain of discipline is better than the pain of regret so we must take this into account and step up when it comes to our obligations, commitments and goals.

Forcing ourselves to take actions out of our comfort zone, and not only when it feels safe, but being willing to take risks will help us conquer ourselves and to grow.


mindset is the mental attitude we keep towards life, it is our own perspective and predisposition to act in different situations according to our beliefs or the way of thinking that shapes our reality.

When we have a positive mindset our mind is open to new learning and more insight, but we need to base our positivity on the truth, because we live in a world where positivity has its limits.

Being optimistic is good because you are more focused on the bright side of life, and you keep and attitude of hope rather than worry.

What differentiate our results in life is our habits, those constant actions that have effects and direct us to an imminent outcome logically, and sustained from what we know in advance.

Everything that has not an outcome has a consequence and the difference is that something is out of our control because we didn’t know what we were doing.

Or even worse we did know and ignored the cautions, instead of doing something that will have a positive effect because of our conscious actions.

We need to take responsibility in our lives and change the course of it by taking the actions that will lead us to better outcomes.

Personal Organization

Having a sense of organization, is understanding that everything has a place and order, as well as a classification by category, organization in all aspects of our lives and our projects or even our goals, is needed for success.

Maintenance is more about making sure that things are in a proper condition to function and to provide the service they were designed for.

Preparation is simply acknowledging what is about to happen next and getting ready with what is needed to do it well, this phase is very crucial to achieve success or not.

Also is important to understand that time is another key factor in order to accomplish what we want, is not only about taking action but also about our ability to wait patiently for the process to finish accurately.

Being organized can help us to make our lives easier and to have a successful routine that will set us for constant achievements.

Because when we have what we need at our disposal we can continue moving forward saving time and energy, we advance in our own direction without hesitations or delays.

We also need to learn how to focus on what we want, and having the determination to go after it! so we can help to make it happen faster.

Then discarding is a way to clear your way towards your goals, because there are things that are not worth your efforts, nor your time or attention.


Resourcefulness is about getting things done, is about finding the solutions to common problems but mostly is about your ability to bring the resources together for a particular project or even when planning for a future event.

All resources come from sources, and sources are natural or artificial renewable or exhaustible and therefore we must understand the difference in between and to know where all the resources come from as well as how they can be obtained.

Every goal requires action but what is the best strategy to accomplish all your objectives? we must understand that if we have the means to do what we want it is because of our own capabilities, but the resources are most of the time out of our reach and we need them to use them as a supply for necessities.

Most projects have several requirements, items that need to be gathered in order to things work as a whole, the system functions when all the elements of the process are working together, in the correct order.

And these elements of the process are the resources that can be obtained naturally or artificially, the more we take advantage of nature and not the industry, the more we are able to have freedom, wealth and prosperity.

Because we live in a world of abundance that provide everything that we need and way much more! but we need to excel at administrating our resources, minding our business and taking care of our belongings.