Leadership is about taking the initiative to work toward a specific or general objective. In order to lead, it is necessary to know how the work can be done and to have the commitment and ability to respond to external factors that could possibly mislead the common objective.

The expertise of leadership marks the pace of advancement, progress, and success.

Its purpose is to assist, orient, and support the group’s collectivity, projecting results of development, growth, and reward.

having a clear understanding of the vision, aim, and mission realization.

Working as a team requires coordination and organization, planning allocations, logistics, and procedures.

technical manufacture, design, and engineering , administration of resources, and calculation of operations and timelines.

Authority is the capacity for willpower, determination, and decision-making. It is the official right granted by law to exercise regulations, set parameters, and establish norms.

In order to have authority in a specific area or field, an organization or institution is required to own the charge, control, and attributions.

The legitimacy to rule, lead, and command and the supremacy condition to control, dominate, and influence, as well as understanding governance, sovereignty, and legal rights

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