Learning to handle rejection

Rejection is also part of life; every time you take a chance to try something new, you will meet resistance, when you ask for something you may want or need, you will get an answer, but there are probabilities between a positive and a negative one.

When you make an offer, it can get rejected too, so we must know that rejection is something we need to learn how to cope with because it is normal not to be approved all the time.

Every time you are rejected in life, you will also be redirected until you meet your destiny and get what you mean to have.

In fact, even if the situation is unjust, we must accept it because, first and foremost, life is unfair, and we must be okay knowing that.

We must get ready to move on and try again, overcoming that setback quickly and having the resilience to face new challenges.

Our ability to take action and willingness to try have no reason to be affected by external forces that oftentimes attempt to be an impediment.

Every time you are considering an approach, you must be prepared for rejection, whether you have a request, any other petition, or are even asking for compliance.

Preferably, you must not have a needy posture or be in an urgent situation when you are considering dealing with people to get things into an agreement or negotiation.

The abundance of wealth

Certainly, we actually live in a world of abundance, but many people do not take advantage of it or reap its benefits.

We are surrounded by several resources, we have everything at our disposal to start a business and serve our community.

But we also take for granted opportunities to make money either because we lack ideas, don’t have the initiative, or don’t have the willingness to work.

Most people prefer to play it safe and work for someone else, even if they will never get rich doing so.

But there are a few who, instead of spending their money on showing off and living up to appearances, are saving their money to invest it in a good enterprise.

Those who spend more than they earn and buy with credit will always be in debt.

You have to learn the rules of the game of money. You can use credit to invest but not to spend, and when I say invest, I mean to go for something that will get you more money back to pay the costs of the interest on your credit.

You are not permitted to spend on luxury items unless you have met all of your basic needs, paid all of your bills, and saved some money for unforeseeable events.

There’s no point in buying just to buy; we don’t need a lot of products to have a decent lifestyle, but marketing strategies have been designed to lead us to believe that.

So we can spend more and have our pockets empty because we cannot keep any money for ourselves when there are so many offers that are not even on sale out there.

The accumulation of money comes from having diverse sources of income, so we can pay our bills and actually save the rest to invest. But in order to do so, we also must be willing to retain the most we can.

This means spending less than we earn, investing, diversifying, multiplying, and leveraging resources.