Why choose to make things simple instead of complex? Because, in essence, things are simple, but we tend to find things difficult because of our mental state.

It is incongruous that technology is suppose to make our lives easier, but sometimes it actually does the opposite.

We are really getting into more complex stuff as we evolve in terms of technology. Sometimes, we lose our sense of purpose about things and get caught up in some kind of game that seems to be unnecessary and useless. Life is not that tricky.

All we need is to cover our basic needs and do what we like to do with the rest of our time. In other words, to enjoy God’s creation, but sometimes we prefer to have sophistication to the point of being ridiculous. Our peace and freedom are at risk.

If we do not learn to make things simpler, we are exposed to living a life that is going to be more difficult. to have a lifestyle that will be more complicated to achieve.

In reality that is just because of our vanity and ambition, we alway want more, even if we do not need it, for example, there are always new items for sale! that look really tempting to buy. but we are not in need of that so if we get them we are not going to use them after all.

In order to fulfill our destiny we do not need a lot stuff, but we need a lot time, and when i say time, i mean free time, to do what really is important to you, and having the freedom to do what you want to do, intead of what you have to do.

Owning more things, is equiavalent to more attention, more responsibilities, and more problems so simplifying your life is the way you can also have peace of mind, and that means less needs, and less wants and of course less debt.

So let’s keep it simple and do remember to find the purpose on what we are doing, so we can know when things just don’t make sense.

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