What is money?

Have you ever questioned yourself about what money really means? And why is it also there? Why is it so significant to the world?

Yeah, we live in a world that moves with money. All the infrastructure of every city is paid for with money, including the gasoline of the cars, the electricity of the buildings, and all the products for sale!

But when we talk about money, we only refer to a medium of exchange, regardless of the currency or the amount of value it has according to its denomination.

Money is, in fact, a tool, a technological tool that has made our transactions easier over the course of human history. We know this because of the records and all the evidence we have about it since when it first appeared,

If there is something we cannot deny, it is that we as humans are social individuals and we need other people’s help to be able to make a living, That group of people is called a community.

Human civilization has always been like that, always working on evolution, and never stopping the advancement, but we know that before we used to be more rudimentary, and instead of using money we had to trade.

Trading was good at first, but it was not always practical because of transportation matters and other issues; therefore, we needed an invention that was another kind of commodity that we could use all the time and in every situation.

And that solution was money, but money is just a representation of economic value. It is something that represents a variety of things, but it is still just a simple thing.

There is a lot of things that money cannot buy, and also money do not bring benefit to everyone, sometimes is cause of more trouble to have it, than not to own a coin.

Unlikely, a vast collection of personal values is more valuable to have in order to live a prosperous life with happiness and plenitude. 

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