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Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model based on teams of coworkers, from different levels in the structure of a pyramid, that has a pinacle which is where the CEO (director) of the company stands, the opportunity to ascend will depend on your performance, and capability.

The main activities and skills that take place in this type of business model are public speaking, recruiting, sales and some other related tasks.

All the workforce usually do not perceive a salary, but only commissions for sales and a percentage of income from certain group’s levels of recruits, as well as production bonuses according to a compensation program.

Networking is about working with people and connect with others to do business and share either services or information.

Multilevel marketing is the other name used for this concept, that is conformed by distributors that have the permission to market and sell the products of the company, oftentimes with a network of consumers.

The business open the possibilities for every worker to manage a team of collaborators, and to have a worldwide reach to employees and customers (distributors and consumers) many companies expand internationally and that means more opportunities for their members and all the staff as a whole.

This occupation does not require a fixed work schedule, to share the business opportunity and enroll more teammates for being potential members in the company.

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