A startup is the stage previous the foundation of a business, this initial phase is about planning and development, usually entrepreneurs who have an idea of a product or service, or a business model they want to implement, get together to discuss all the details about the overall procedures.

The idea of the business has to be an innovative creation of products and services, or a revolutionary invention that can have a high demand from consumers.

What problem needs to be solved in the world? right there is when a product or service has to come into place.

Before starting business operations, or launching the product or service, there are things to consider, for example the roles of everyone, when it comes to the business organization, the funding capital to finance the equipment and supplies, or the socioeconomic status of the location.

Working as a team is important, therefore the coordination and the collaboration of the people involved is essential and indispensable.

The founders of the future small business, usually require investors that are willing to venture their capital in the business model, after understanding the concept of the business and trusting the idea.

In addition to all these requirements a profitable and successful business needs customers that are willing to become clients.

Starting an own company has its advantages and benefits, for that reason individuals aim to take the risk and undertake the activities needed to make the visions of their projects a tangible reality.