Why choose to make things simple instead of complex? Because, in essence, things are simple, but we tend to find things difficult because of our mental state.

It is incongruous that technology is suppose to make our lives easier, but sometimes it actually does the opposite.

We are really getting into more complex stuff as we evolve in terms of technology. Sometimes, we lose our sense of purpose about things and get caught up in some kind of game that seems to be unnecessary and useless. Life is not that tricky.

All we need is to cover our basic needs and do what we like to do with the rest of our time. In other words, to enjoy God’s creation, but sometimes we prefer to have sophistication to the point of being ridiculous. Our peace and freedom are at risk.

If we do not learn to make things simpler, we are exposed to living a life that is going to be more difficult. to have a lifestyle that will be more complicated to achieve.

In reality that is just because of our vanity and ambition, we alway want more, even if we do not need it, for example, there are always new items for sale! that look really tempting to buy. but we are not in need of that so if we get them we are not going to use them after all.

In order to fulfill our destiny we do not need a lot stuff, but we need a lot time, and when i say time, i mean free time, to do what really is important to you, and having the freedom to do what you want to do, intead of what you have to do.

Owning more things, is equiavalent to more attention, more responsibilities, and more problems so simplifying your life is the way you can also have peace of mind, and that means less needs, and less wants and of course less debt.

So let’s keep it simple and do remember to find the purpose on what we are doing, so we can know when things just don’t make sense.

What is money?

Have you ever questioned yourself about what money really means? And why is it also there? Why is it so significant to the world?

Yeah, we live in a world that moves with money. All the infrastructure of every city is paid for with money, including the gasoline of the cars, the electricity of the buildings, and all the products for sale!

But when we talk about money, we only refer to a medium of exchange, regardless of the currency or the amount of value it has according to its denomination.

Money is, in fact, a tool, a technological tool that has made our transactions easier over the course of human history. We know this because of the records and all the evidence we have about it since when it first appeared,

If there is something we cannot deny, it is that we as humans are social individuals and we need other people’s help to be able to make a living, That group of people is called a community.

Human civilization has always been like that, always working on evolution, and never stopping the advancement, but we know that before we used to be more rudimentary, and instead of using money we had to trade.

Trading was good at first, but it was not always practical because of transportation matters and other issues; therefore, we needed an invention that was another kind of commodity that we could use all the time and in every situation.

And that solution was money, but money is just a representation of economic value. It is something that represents a variety of things, but it is still just a simple thing.

There is a lot of things that money cannot buy, and also money do not bring benefit to everyone, sometimes is cause of more trouble to have it, than not to own a coin.

Unlikely, a vast collection of personal values is more valuable to have in order to live a prosperous life with happiness and plenitude. 

Learning to handle rejection

Rejection is also part of life; every time you take a chance to try something new, you will meet resistance, when you ask for something you may want or need, you will get an answer, but there are probabilities between a positive and a negative one.

When you make an offer, it can get rejected too, so we must know that rejection is something we need to learn how to cope with because it is normal not to be approved all the time.

Every time you are rejected in life, you will also be redirected until you meet your destiny and get what you mean to have.

In fact, even if the situation is unjust, we must accept it because, first and foremost, life is unfair, and we must be okay knowing that.

We must get ready to move on and try again, overcoming that setback quickly and having the resilience to face new challenges.

Our ability to take action and willingness to try have no reason to be affected by external forces that oftentimes attempt to be an impediment.

Every time you are considering an approach, you must be prepared for rejection, whether you have a request, any other petition, or are even asking for compliance.

Preferably, you must not have a needy posture or be in an urgent situation when you are considering dealing with people to get things into an agreement or negotiation.

The abundance of wealth

Certainly, we actually live in a world of abundance, but many people do not take advantage of it or reap its benefits.

We are surrounded by several resources, we have everything at our disposal to start a business and serve our community.

But we also take for granted opportunities to make money either because we lack ideas, don’t have the initiative, or don’t have the willingness to work.

Most people prefer to play it safe and work for someone else, even if they will never get rich doing so.

But there are a few who, instead of spending their money on showing off and living up to appearances, are saving their money to invest it in a good enterprise.

Those who spend more than they earn and buy with credit will always be in debt.

You have to learn the rules of the game of money. You can use credit to invest but not to spend, and when I say invest, I mean to go for something that will get you more money back to pay the costs of the interest on your credit.

You are not permitted to spend on luxury items unless you have met all of your basic needs, paid all of your bills, and saved some money for unforeseeable events.

There’s no point in buying just to buy; we don’t need a lot of products to have a decent lifestyle, but marketing strategies have been designed to lead us to believe that.

So we can spend more and have our pockets empty because we cannot keep any money for ourselves when there are so many offers that are not even on sale out there.

The accumulation of money comes from having diverse sources of income, so we can pay our bills and actually save the rest to invest. But in order to do so, we also must be willing to retain the most we can.

This means spending less than we earn, investing, diversifying, multiplying, and leveraging resources.


Leadership is about taking the initiative to work toward a specific or general objective. In order to lead, it is necessary to know how the work can be done and to have the commitment and ability to respond to external factors that could possibly mislead the common objective.

The expertise of leadership marks the pace of advancement, progress, and success.

Its purpose is to assist, orient, and support the group’s collectivity, projecting results of development, growth, and reward.

having a clear understanding of the vision, aim, and mission realization.

Working as a team requires coordination and organization, planning allocations, logistics, and procedures.

technical manufacture, design, and engineering , administration of resources, and calculation of operations and timelines.

Authority is the capacity for willpower, determination, and decision-making. It is the official right granted by law to exercise regulations, set parameters, and establish norms.

In order to have authority in a specific area or field, an organization or institution is required to own the charge, control, and attributions.

The legitimacy to rule, lead, and command and the supremacy condition to control, dominate, and influence, as well as understanding governance, sovereignty, and legal rights

Avoiding procrastination

Sometimes it’s now or never, and often times we tend to believe that opportunities are going to be there forever or that you will have a second or third chance in the near future.

Chances are you will, there’s always hope in the future, but it will take you to start again from zero, which means it will be a lot of work you probably won’t be able to handle.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed but uncertain, because we are not sure about what will happen, but today is the day when we have more time than ever to do the things that matter in life.

So you must understand that your excuses exist to keep you in your comfort zone, to skip all of the hard work, and to avoid making any effort or sacrifice at all.

Some say that risk is the price of opportunity, and others say that if it were easy, everyone would do it, so you must acknowledge resistance and opposition in the first place.

A process initiates in the beginning and also has a conclusion, so you have to see the phases of the process to know in which stage you are at the current time.

Have the determination to meet your objectives and to achieve your goals, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be judged for them, because everybody does and they know it.

But why not do your best and try to meet some limits or find some resistance, so you can know where to stop and try again later? Remember that consistency is more subtle but more effective than persistence.

Small actions add up to big results as long as you don’t quit, give up, or stop believing it’s possible.

So focus all your energy on your goals, and don’t forget to get the motivation you need to be able to do all the hard work.

Have the preparation you need to take calculated risks and know what you are doing; learn the lessons from every failure you experience.

The choice of greatness

We have lots of choices in front of us every day, so we can also make the best decisions in our day-to-day lives.

Isn’t it amazing that we have the choice of being great instead of just good or average, and also to look for greatness in all aspects of life?

Whenever you find yourself confused or distracted by the negativity in life, think about the option you will always have.

Do not get caught up in boredom and stuck with thoughts of scarcity, poverty, and mediocrity.

What would a great person you admire do in your situation?How can you find and pursue more greatness in the world.

The fact that we have freedom of choice is great because we can choose what path to take. Most of the time, courage is required.

But we have been granted our free will to live a life of freedom on earth and to have the power of decision over our destinies.

You have to think big instead of small, get yourself out of your comfort zone, develop your character, and grow as a person.

Because pleasing yourself all the time will get you nowhere, or at least not where you want to be. You cannot truly appreciate something if it is constantly available to you or if you overconsume it.

There is no need to work if you are satisfied, but do not conform to instant gratification and go beyond your limitations.

You cannot desire what you have! You need to experience hunger! Sometimes you must do the things that others do not want to do because they think they are not fun! or just find it difficult to spend time doing them when there’s a lot of amusement and entertainment out there!

Remind yourself that you are in charge and believe you can do it, because in fact, that’s the truth. You can do whatever you dream of as long as you take the time that it takes! Perseverance is the word.

Walk the hard road and do it the right way, not by doing what seems easy but by doing what’s really correct, because depending on this, you will get outcomes or consequences.

Question yourself about what you are doing with your life—are you making the best decisions to spend your time and energy?

Have the self-awareness to judge yourself and notice if what you are doing is worth it for your progress and growth.

Habits for riches

The habits that will make you rich and help you become a wealthy person that can make the most of a lifetime

Personal habits will get you further when you are diligent and consistent.

It also works with money and wealth acquisition, there are rituals that the rich have been perfecting over the years.

When it comes to cultivating the habits of prosperity, knowledge is just as important as application.

The concept of the word “rich” has a lot to do with having an abundance of something or having plenty of resources.

Owning property or the possession of valuable stuff can be an example, but it is also more about having the wisdom to live a rich life.

Enjoying your life to the fullest implies making the most of your days, approaching your months as a whole, and so on.

So one of the habits of the rich  is to wake up early so they can start their day in the morning and get ready before the rest.

Working as an employee may help you to make some ends meet, but not to reach the financial freedom you need.

Another habit that rich people have is to work for themselves rather than for someone else during all their productive lives.

In order to meet the daily requirements for making a living, it is also necessary to have good physical and mental performance.

Then the rich invest in their physical and mental health.

Because staying informed about what is going on in the world and staying up-to-date on business is not something that can be taken for granted.

That’s why rich people take the time for reading and also invest in their own education.

Money is somehow equivalent to time; if you spend money, you will be wasting the time it took you to get it.

Investing instead of spending is something that not only rich people do but also the smart ones.

Old stuff that works is still good for use; there’s no need to buy things that are not necessary, even when you have the means.

The rich always need less things for their lifestyle habits.

Living life to the fullest

Making the most of your life is about having the mindset that will allow you to approach all of the good opportunities that come your way; it is also about being able to be happy where you are now and content working with what you already have to get what you want.

It is also learning from your mistakes and failures, so in the end, every experience in life will be beneficial.

There is an abundance of opportunities on earth, and the ones who have the wisdom to evaluate them and the intelligence to recognize them can manage to take advantage of them.

It’s more about having an incorporation of principles as well as an integration of values that will make you live with plenitude and also win in life.

An honest attitude will help you to communicate better in order to attain your objectives on your way to success.

Practicing humility is what will open doors for you with others and, over time, will raise your standards and get you to the next level.

In order to deserve privileges and enjoy the benefits, you must be a person of honor and have the courage to ask for whatever you need.

Everything becomes easier when you are doing what is right to improve and getting better at using your potential.

having the ability to be organized and the capacity to be more detail-oriented.

So you can go from one success to another as well as get used to winning in the first place.

The advantage of preparation

Being prepared is an advantage that facilitates the progress towards your objectives and ensures the success of your goals.

Opportunities are often missed for lack of preparation; oftentimes, it is our scarce expertise or pure ignorance that prevents us from accomplishing things.

Making the most of your abilities or utilizing your skills the best you can is always an advantage.

The need for tools, materials, or any other resources that are necessary for the plans or projects we are looking forward to meeting and completing is also important.

The fact that we can achieve our set intentions will take us the know-how and willingness to put in the work, and the time we invest in preparing ourselves for every undertaking is crucial for the final results of our end goals.

But the quality of our mindset is the most important factor that contributes to the accurate execution and correct application of the strategies that will get the job done.

There is a lot of reason behind the quote that says, “He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.” which means that preparation is an important phase of every process.

Everybody sees the overnight success of others’ accomplishments, but not so many see the years of preparation, trial, and error behind every single hit.

When it comes to merit, nothing comes for free, and most people have to work hard to earn the credits of their job.